I miss seeing The Shields Brothers on The Voice, but big things have been happening with our friends since we saw them last!

Tristan & Rory have landed themselves a recording contract with Potomac Records! I really am proud of these guys! They used their "15 minutes of fame" on The Voice to launch a grass roots sort of following, and it has paid off! The Rob & I have been keeping our eye on The Shields Brothers for a while. You'll remember, they were our Official The Voice Analysts last season. In fact, they have expressed interest in coming back to The Rob's Radio Show for the NEXT season of The Voice!

In the meantime, these guys have been busy! Weekly cover videos on their Youtube channel, as well as keeping up with fans through Facebook, Twitter, and even text! I am very proud to tell you that their first single, Run Away With Me is now available for download in iTunes and is also available through over 100 other media outlets like Spotify, Amazon, and eMusic in more than 230 countries across the world!!

Come on over here, we can disappear, I'm a take you where nobody can see
No I don't really mind, if I waste your time,  cause I don't care about nobody but me

Plus you can check out their Duct Tape music video! Both of the guys look great in the video and I ♥ Rory's jacket! Take a look!