Our friends The Shields Brothers have done it again! This time they're doing it with Rihanna!! Noooo! Not like THAT!!!

Since their appearance on The Voice, The Shields Brothers have become friends of The Rob's Radio Show here at KISS-FM. In fact, I miss talking with them on Tuesday mornings!! Luckily, Rory & Tristan have been keeping in contact with us! I love when I get to hear from these guys.

A few weeks ago, they started playing a game with their fans when they covered Call Me Maybe. They gave out a clue as to what their next video would be. And then the THAT video gave a clue to the the next video... you get the idea.

Last week I was able to figure out the clue that they placed inside their Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon) video, so I knew that Rihanna's Umbrella would be the song that they did this week. I was right! Now this week, in their Umbrella video, The Shields Brothers have left us another clue! See if you can guess next weeks song...