I’m going to be honest, I haven’t been crazy about this season of The Voice.  It’s not the way the show is formatted, and it’s definitely not the judges whom I think are all doing a really good job.  I think the two problems I’m experiencing are an overall burn on music competitions (this is the THIRD season of The Voice since this time last year!) as well as a compilation of talent that isn’t special at all.  There’s nobody that strikes me as AWESOME, and I certainly don’t need FIVE HOURS of ANY show in a given week.  But I’m still watching and I’m still full of thoughts.  Here’s what I thought about yesterday’s (Monday’s) show:



CAROLINE – In a word, she’s CAPTIVATING.  She has a gorgeous innocent look that can subtly command a room, and a voice unique enough to stand out even on a show like this.  Her take on Ed Sheerin’s “A Team” was probably my favorite from last night, although nothing last night struck me as phenomenal.


JUDITH – Probably the best natural SINGER on Team Adam, Judith will likely make the finals in my estimation.  Her performance last night was probably the best-received from last night, and I’d be astonished if she goes home tomorrow night.



SARAH – I loved her in the Blind Auditions, Battle Round, and Knockout Round…  But I hated what she did to Sarah McGlachlin’s “Angel” last night.  She has a HUGE instrument, and she was trying too hard to crowbar it into a song that is too modest.  She was trying too hard and overdoing everything.  There were spots when she wasn’t overdoing it…  I preferred those spots.  I didn’t like it.

AMBER – Amber’s performance of Rihanna’s “Stay” was far from BAD…  It was just forgettable.  It was a diet-version of Rihanna’s.  She had the pipes, but not the connection and had no “moments.”  She’s facing elimination if you ask me.



MICHELLE – I’ll be honest, I love this song, but didn’t like what she did with it.  However, the crowd seemed to be into it and she has that connection with the audience that almost nobody else has.  While I wouldn’t be upset if she left,  I don’t expect her to.


JOSIAH – Two words:  MALE.  MODEL.  It doesn’t matter what came out of his mouth, he’s far and away the most handsome man in this competition and that will buy him at least one more week…  It also doesn’t hurt that the sounds that DID come out of his mouth really weren’t bad at all.



CATHIA – She’s annoyed me ever since the blind auditions.  Her tall-order tackling Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” certainly wasn’t bad, just empty.  I felt nothing.  I’d be happy to bid farewell to her.

VEDO – I want to like Vedo so much, but he had probably the worst performance last night.  If only one person goes home tomorrow night, I’d bet the farm on Vedo.