Have you been considering the new "Family Guy" video game?  You might want read this first!


There is a stereotype in video games concerning “licensed games.”  The term licensed game refers to an intellectual property not owned by the game developers…  And the stereotype is that the games all suck and used to as a money-making opportunity for the owner of the license and the game developer to suck money out of poor saps like me.  This weekend I played a game called Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse from start to finish.  I wish I could say it shattered the mold and broke from the norm of licensed video games, but I can’t.  It didn’t.  But the game did have some highlights.


It would be foolish to go into a game like Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse expecting the next Uncharted or similarly revered game.  What you SHOULD expect is a humorous romp through Quahog, Rhode Island filled with characters from the show, and more d-ck and fart jokes that you can shake a fart at…  And in that context Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse is very successful.


While at no time playing Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse did I ever think I was playing a GREAT game, I did feel like I was actively participating in an 8-10 hour episode of “Family Guy.”  It was very obvious to me that the game was written by the same people that write the television show.  They also have all of the voice actors there, too, so the game FEELS like the show.  However, while all the characters are there, many are only in cameo form and you will really only be playing as Stewie and Brian, switching between the two when you see fit.


This is actually the second Family Guy game on current generation video game consoles, the first of which came out about six years ago.  This game is much better than the first entry, and also far funnier.  It’s NOT worth the $60 that I paid for it, but if you can find it for maybe half that (which you will surely be able to within the next year or so), go ahead and snatch up the game that made me laugh out loud a few times over the course of the weekend, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse!