Last night on "America's Got Talent" the judges brought back twelve acts that have already been kicked off.  Every contestant stepped their game up last night, and it is very difficult to predict who will be staying and who will be going home...  Again.  Even with all of the acts being very solid, my favorite judge Howard Stern still managed to place some very enjoyable insults, and I've got the top five RIGHT HERE!


The first quote came from the first act, escape artist Spencer Horsman, an act that Howard brought back to the competition.  He escaped from eight locks from a chamber being filled with wet cement.  It was a death-defying type of performance:

“It's about time [you almost kill yourself]!  THAT'S what you gotta do to win!  Had you killed yourself, we would have given you the million dollars!"

The next quote came after an act Howie brought back, magician/pianist Jarrett & Raja.  I love their act, as did all of the judges.  However, Howie was jumping around and being exceptionally boistrous.  Howard commented:

"How weird is Howie being tonight?  He had NOTHING to do with this!  Yeah, he brought you guys back, but he's acting like HE did the trick!  If you want to make something disappear, make Howie's oversized earrings disappear!  I do not like them!  They're too big!  They're too big for his head!"

He poked some fun at one of Sharon's acts, too.  The Bandbaz Brothers did a spectacular acrobatic strongman act that was insanely difficult, including one man holding the other man's weight entirely by his mouth:

"I know how difficult that is.  Howie and I used to do it together on the old Merv Griffin Show! We did the same exact act...  I would lift him over my head."


Howard some words of wisdome for 10-year-old Sebastion "El Charo de Oro" and his mariachi choice of wardrobe:


"I love that outfit.  My mother used to dress me for school in that, and that's why I got beat up all the time!"


The final quote from Howard actually came from a video package in which Howard was talking about Horse (the nut-shot guy) and all of his theatrics:


"Last time, Horse's music and costumes with the superheroes and bandits...  Horse, you're no Stephen Spielberg!  JUST GET KICKED IN THE NUTS!"

That's it for this week, but I'll be back next week with more quotes from Howard Stern!