Last night the quarterfinals continued on America's Got Talent. The actual "talent" itself was very weak last night, the quotes from the King of all Media were not.  Let's get started!

The first quote came at the very top of the show.  Howard was praising himself and his fellow judges, calling the three of them the best judges on television, and eluded to American Idol's recent mass-exodus of judges.  He then asked host Nick Cannon:

“All the judges on other shows are leaving...  Do you know why?" Nick assumed it was the setup for a joke and asked, "Why?"  "No, I'm asking!  Do you know why?!"

Mike Price is a socially awkward juggler.  He's a good juggler, I'm sure, but he did screw up and drop one of his flaming bowling pins.  Howard questioned his career choice.:


"[Your parents] should have stopped you and told you to play the guitar or something."



Cristin Saudu was one of my favorites from the start of the competition with his dangerous barrel-balancing act.   In his pre-produced segment he mentioned that he wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor.  Unfortunately last night he fell off of his barrels, ruining his act:

“You're gonna be a great doctor."


He had two quotes that I thought were funny regarding Jake Wesley Rogers.  Jake is a singer who slowed down a version of Britney Spears' "Toxic" and has goofy hair.  I hated his act.  Howard did, too:


"The most important thing in life is having wonderful hair."

"I think the song "Toxic" is one of the most vapid songs ever written.  I don't even think Britney Spears likes that song."


The final quote that I noted from last night's show was when he was giving a postive review of Wordspit and the Illest.  Howard liked their original song and rap, while Howie and Sharon really disliked it:


"[Howie and Sharon] I think are holed up somewhere eating some kind of magic mushroom."

That's it for this week!  I'll be on vacation for next week's show, and then the show goes on vacation for two weeks for the Olympics.  But I'll have five more quotes for you when the show returns in August!