This Halloween season has been an AWESOME one for me!  I've been living this season to the FULLEST!!  Most of my Halloween content here on the website pertains to my favorite part of Halloween...  Scary movies!  But I don't want to overlook another great part of the season...  THE CANDY!  Here is an updated list of the five best candies to have during Halloween!

1 - CADBURY SCREME EGG: I don't know if these are new this year, or if I was just unaware these existed all this time.  Either way, a delicious care package from my mother alerted me to their existence, and this year, my favorite part of Easter is now my favorite part of Halloween.


2 - BUTTERFINGER: A huge bag of these is currently sitting on top of my refrigerator.  Will likely be my dinner this evening.


3 - DOTS: Everyone else in the world seems to hate this gummy, sticky candy.  That only makes me like this gumdrop even more.


4 - TWIX: If the question was "which candy has The Rob had MOST this Halloween season," this would probably finish first.


5 - MILKY WAY - SIMPLY CARAMEL: Its advanatge: It is incredibly tasty, even more so than the original Milky Way.  Its disadvantage: It's rare.  While you can find it easily in convenience stores and supermarkets, I doubt many trick-or-treaters will encounter this underrated morsel.