Episode 2 from 1/18/11:

Episode 2 continued its course of being a very strong series.  People were concerned that “Teen Mom 1” left shoes that would be too big to fill, but so far both episodes of “Teen Mom 2” have been the strongest of ANY episode of “Teen Mom 1” and “16 & Pregnant.”  Friends on my facebook and listeners of “The Rob’s Night Show” will know that this is no surprise to me, as I predicted “Teen Mom 2” to be more-entertaining than its predecessor.  Nevertheless, I’ll get to my thoughts on last night’s episode.


This week I found LEAH to be the “star” of the show.  I still maintain she will break-out as the show’s best MOTHER, like Maci did last year, but clearly Leah is about to be TESTED in a way that Maci never had to be.  Maci had to deal with an uninterested father that, even though got a bad rap for his parenting skills, was on-par with the other teen fathers we’ve met so far, if not better even at Ryan’s lowest.  In fact, come to think of it, none of the teen mothers have been faced with handicapped children or any serious health issues.  Just like I thought it was refreshing to see Maci sue Ryan for child support last season (because that is a BIG part of many young mothers’ lives and the show never had to deal with it until then), I feel the same way about Leah dealing with what I’ll call “a less-than-healthy baby.”  I’m sure this is also more prevalent than last season’s “Teen Mom” and all of the “16 & Pregnants” lead us to believe.

It’s really hard not to connect emotionally with Leah and how helpless she feels about Ali.  She’s clearly very hurt by all of this and is handling the situation very well.  She’s doing everything she can as soon as she can to figure out what the problem is with Ali’s legs (which I think will ultimately be a problem more with the spine than the legs).  Although, I have a very STRONG feeling that there is going to be a lot more ‘wrong’ with baby Ali than just her legs.  Mentally, she doesn’t seem to be developing properly, especially when compared to her twin sister.  She has a very empty, vapid look about her that I predict will go on to be some sort of mild mental retardation, but I could be wrong.  It’s very painful to watch Leah and Ali go through this.

Jenelle’s mother, moreso than Jenelle, continues to disappoint me.  I feel as if she’s handling her situation with her daughter and grandson very inappropriately.  I really believe that as Jenelle’s mother, it is her role to TEACH Jenelle how to parent as opposed to trying to steal her baby.  And I think she’s coming off like some bad-guy pro-wrestler with how much enjoyment she seems to get from hurting and stealing from her daughter (Repo Man, wrestling fans?).  Her job as a parent is not done just because Jenelle is now one her self.  I wish they would both mature.

Kailyn is falling into a trap that so many girls her age fall into and that is this disgusting NEED to have a boyfriend in her life.  I don’t mean to go all “Dr. Rob,” but I do believe my own advice when I suggest to young people that when you are in school it’s the worst possible time to be in a relationship.  YOU NEED TO BE FOCUSED ON YOURSELF at this time!!  She JUST broke up with that loser Joe, is still living in his parents’ house, and the most important thing to her appears to be this new guy who has zero personality but is willing to give her the title of “boyfriend” that Kailyn so desperately desires.  I admit, since Joe has “passed” on Kailyn, she has the RIGHT to date, but it’s so foolish at this time.  Kailyn should focus on Kailyn and her baby.  Not another loser who she clearly has no chemistry with and is only interested in being on TV.

Chelsea’s presence on the show seemed to only be to remind us that she is dumb, both is school and in life.  It seemed to set the table for what is so obviously a bad decision letting that scum Adam back into her life.  She also possesses that autophobic trait I accused Kailyn of having in the last paragraph.  Don’t feel bad for Chelsea when this destroys her again.  I don’t feel bad when bad things happen to people who make bad decisions.

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