We've been talking a lot about Justin Bieber's last stunt that landed him in jail. He's famous - we'll never talk to him but there are some things that we needed to get off our chests. So, here's our Dear Justin Bieber letter. We'll add to this list - tell us, what do you want to say to the Biebs?

Dear Justin Bieber,


  • Your friends are not cool. They're real d-bags.
  • The nicknames you guys have for each other are strange and lame. Changing "Bieber" to "Bizzle" is SOOO 1998.
  •  Everybody in your life is there because they want something from you... EVERYBODY.
  • I know you're the center of your world, but you're not the center of everybody else's. Not everyone is going to accommodate you.
  • You're not above the law.
  • You're not better than anybody else
  •  I know you're the media's darling, but trust me, not everybody cares about you.
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  • Stop it. Just. Stop. You are 19 years old. Get your head out of your butt & act your age.
  • Your "friends" are not really your friends. If they were they wouldn't be helping you get into so much trouble.
  • If you continue on the path you are on, you will end up like so many who have forged this path before you. Remember Lindsey Lohan? She was so cute when she was a teenage actress... Now, she is a washed-up rehab patient. Don't be a Lindsey... or an Amanda Bynes... or MJ for that matter.


  • So, the proactive thing clearly didn't go so well, huh?
  • I recommend toning down the crazy, before becoming the next Amanda Bynes. You are too talented to be the next celebrity down fall.
  • How many beleibers did you meet in jail?


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