May is national burger month. That means 31 days of tribute to what might be one of the most loved food choices out there. All of us on The Rob's Radio Show have decided to celebrate by listing our top burger joints in the Evansville area. 

*Click each restaurant name for directions.


Honestly, I love anything that unhealthy for me. But burgers are probably my favorite thing to eat! I am pretty picky when it comes to the burgers I eat, though. Here are what I think are the best burgers in town:

  1. Sportsman's- I don't eat them that often, because I would be huge if I did. But when I do eat their burgers, I am never disappointed. They have your typical greasy, extra cheesy, melt in your mouth burger. I'm practically drooling just thinking about it.
  2. RiRa - I actually used to work there, so I got to try almost all of their burgers and they are all amazing! If you are looking for a huge burger with a variety of choices that you won't be able to find anywhere else, than this is your place. Plus, they just so happen to be half price on wednesdays!
  3. Backstage Bar & Grill - They have a turkey burger called "The Groupie" that is out of this world! I have no idea what they do to this thing to make it so good, but they have me hooked!


I am a sucker for food - especially a great burger! In honor of National Burger Month, here are my top 3 places to grab a burger - in no particular order and each for different qualities:

  1. Big Top - This is a must have when craving an "old-fashioned" burger. It's super thing and greasy and just delicious! It's also ver reasonably priced for a burger, fries, and a drink.
  2. The Pub - Enough said! This one is thick and juicy, and always delicious, plus you get to hang out in a place with a great Irish Pub feel.
  3. Crickets - Burgers from Crickets -with a slice of pepper jack cheese, of course - are an all time favorite! Especially when you through in an order of cheddar cheese cubes or onion rings!

There you have it! My Top 3! I highly recommend that you give them a try next time you're feeling a little grumbly in your tummy!


I LOVE a good burger, and there are some GREAT places around town to get your burger fix! I'm trying to stay away from the big chain burger joints, but for my money, here are the top three places in the Tri-State to get a burger:

  1. Major Munch - Major Munch has the honor of being the place that I have probably ordered the MOST burgers from in town. They have certain advantages over other downtown establishments. Namely, they open at 10:00, which is convenient because that's when I get off the air, and that's when I'm STARVING. Their burgers are fantastic, and a great value as well. Major Munch gets my gold medal.
  2. Five Guys - I know they're kind of a chain, and people are very opinionated one way or another about Five Guys burgers. But I think they're very tasty and unique, and I often polish one off with one of their grilled cheeses.
  3. Wayback Burgers - The newest burger joint on this list has impressed me everytime I've been there. I like their "1950's diner" feel, their chili-cheese-fries, and their milkshakes as well.