This morning, on the Rob's Radio Show with Kat Mykals, we discussed the 31 Upcoming Film Reboots and Sequels That Are Completely Unnecessary. With both classics that a remake will never stand up to the original like Jurassic Park, The Goonies and Scarface along with cheesy movies that aren't worth a remake or sequel like The Mummy, Cliffhanger and Waterworld, we all agreed with the list to some degree.

Some of the movies are so iconic, we couldn't think of an actor that could fill the original's shoes and some of the movies were a defining part of our childhood. Remaking the movie, seems like betrayal in some weird twisted way. Then, there's the part of us that thinks, just come up with your own original ideas and stop disappointing us with your feeble attempts at making the awesome better.

But, we did decided to come up with a list of movies that we would like to see redone - usually the original was hyped but didn't live up to our hopes. See what we came up with below.


Queen of the Damned
I was so excited when I first heard that they were turning this Anne Rice book into a movie! A follow up to Interview with a Vampire (Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst), I had high expectations for Queen of the Damned. I was incredibly disappointed. I felt like they used too many special effects and it killed the romanticism of the Anne Rice Vampire experience. It completely lacked whatever it was that made Interview so special. I think that a remake of Queen would be a great idea, IF they were able to capture the romance from Interview.

The Rob

3 Ninjas
When I was a kid I really liked the movie 3 Ninjas, however I don't think it is remembered as fondly as it should be. I think touching up this gem from my childhood would remind people that it existed and that it had a incredible warmth about it. Let's forget about the two sequels, though. Additionally, I wouldn't be upset if any or all of the first three X-Men movies got remade. The "X-Men" are (by FAR) my favorite comic book characters of all-time, and the movie didn't live up to expectations. To be honest, it didn't even live up to the animated series.


Now and Then
I think a remake of 'Now and Then' would be awesome! That movie was one of my favorites when I was a little girl, and still is today. But I can see where it would be a little outdated for girls today, so they might not be able to relate to it as well. If they made a remake & it was done well, I think it could be just as big of a hit as the first on. But, they would almost have to tie it into the original somehow, so that there was still some sort of a connection between the two. It could never replace the original, but it's something that I would definitely get excited for!

Ashley - Digital Managing Editor

Okay, don't shoot me but I think it would be okay to remake some of the pre-1970 classics. I say this with complete love because I happen to be one of the very few who actually watches Turner Classic Movies on a regular basis. I believe movies like Casablanca have a universal and timeless theme that this generation will never experience because let's face it - with movies like Transformers and Frozen that deliver a larger than life cinema experience to base movie-going experiences on, kids, teens and young adults will fall asleep during a black and white classic. I also believe that when you release a remake of a classic, more people are apt to watch the original. Just don't cast Nicholas Cage, for the love of all that is good and right!