I hate my life.  Last night upon the conclusion of American Idol, I realized I had wasted SEVEN hours of my life on stupid music competition shows…  And I still have ANOTHER hour to get through tonight!  The Voice somehow thinks FIVE hours of content seems appropriate this week (and last).  At least Idol is keeping it to a more reasonable three.


Regardless, I watched Idol last night, and now I’m actually enjoying it more than the Voice.  Idol started slow, but picked up once the boys got voted off.  Voice started off slow, but never picked up in my opinion.

I’m somewhat nervous about the results tonight, because I’m afraid my favorite and also my choice to go all the way from day 1, Angie, may be heading home…  Just ONE week from the finals!  But I’m not sure that’s what’s going to happen.  Tonight is anybody’s game to lose.


Idol consultant Jimmy Iovine, whom I almost always agree with, gave round 1 to Angie, Round 2 to Kree, and Round 3 to Candice.  I scored it slightly differently, Kree easily won round 2, and Candice easily won round 3…  But I thought CANDICE actually won the first round, not Angie.


I take a strange pride in my predictions’ accuracy…  And by the way, I DID say during WEEK ONE that the final three would be Angie, Candice, and Kree.  Additionally, I’ve gotten my predictions right nearly 100% of the time.  So, here we go, I will make my official predictions right now.


CANDICE – Candice should probably be the most comfortable going into tonight’s elimination.  She’s still the best vocalist on the show, and had a HUGE night last night, particularly West Side Story’s “Somewhere,” which was gorgeous and also went last.  Her ONLY problem is that I don’t think she has that important connection with the audience that Angie and Kree have.  I feel like the audience thinks they’re FRIENDS with Angie and Kree…  But Candice is a stranger.  Still, she should be the most comfortable, but not “comfortable” at all, anything could happen.


ANGIE – As I mentioned above, I quite nervous tonight could be the end of Angie.  I would hate that, but it could happen.  She had three average performances last night, but has a track record of great performances...  Compared to Kree who had 1 average performance, 1 great performance, and 1 bad performance.  She already has STAR written all over her, and I’m giving her the edge over Kree.


KREE – Kree has been one of my least favorites from the start, but has connected with viewers.  Her talent isn’t even close to the other two if you ask me, although last night she had her defining moment during “Here Comes Goodbye.”  I’m hoping, and predicting, that her luck has run out tonight.