For the first time ever I have been watching American Idol.  It only took me eleven seasons!  Usually I only watch the finales or any episodes dedicated to the music of Michael Jackson, but this season I’m even investing in the audition weeks.  Here are some thoughts on American Idol thus far:

The episodes have continued to get better…  And by “better” I mean worse.  The first few episodes didn’t have enough bad singers, which I understand is a staple of the American Idol audition weeks.  Another complaint is that they’re letting way too many mediocre singers go to Hollywood.  Being decent doesn’t mean you should be on the Idol stage.  I wish the judges would be more critical.

Speaking of the judges, they annoy me less than I thought they would.  While I really miss Simon, Steven Tyler is pretty good and Jennifer Lopez is OK, definitely better than Paula Abdul.  I don’t care for Randy, though, and wish that collectively they were more critical.  Also, Ryan Seacrest definitely sucks.

While we’ve seen memorable characters so far (like “Wolf,” “Mystic Cyclopse,” “Homeless Tent Girl,” “Lady GaGa Lady,” “Mr. Stealyourgirl,” “Garden Rake Face,” “Medicated Minnesotan,” “Bikini Butterface,” and “Ace Ventura’s Daughter” to name  a few), only one has struck me as a potential winner.  There was a pretty girl named Ashley from Sunday’s episode.  She was a mother of a five year old and a lovely singer.  She’s not like supermodel hot though, very conservatively beautiful, which means female voters will probably feel less apt to hate her.  I’ve found the average recipient of a golden ticket to be a subpar singer, with only a few exceptions.  Not a lot “stars.”

Who have some of your favorite Idol wannabes been so far this year?