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It was a pretty exciting week for “American Idol.”  Jermaine Jones earned a rare disqualification from the show and there were some unlikely surprise performances on last night’s live show.  My understanding is that there will still be an elimination on tonight’s show, and I have some thoughts and predictions.

I liked the variety the theme allowed for (songs from the year you were born).  I don’t like when performers get lumped into songs from one performer or genre.  I knew almost every song last night (as it should be), and like most of the originals versions.

Few performers stood out as being exceptionally good or exceptionally bad.  Everybody is talking about Joshua’s rendition of “When a Man Loves a Woman” as being the highlight of the show.  I thought it was good, but thought Hollie’s version of “Power of Love” was the show’s true high-water mark.

As far as the worsts, audibly Heejun was the worst.  However, I think his charm and personality will keep him around a little longer, but not too long.  I don’t think he’ll be going home tonight, although he probably deserves to.  I didn’t like Colton’s performance of the seemingly unknown White Lion song, but he’s definitely not going home either.  I think we’ll see Colton in the final four, if not longer.

Elise Testone, or as I call her, Elise Testosterone, WILL be going home tonight.  While she wasn’t the worst performer last night, she has a track record of terrible performances (especially her Whitney Houston song last week), and last night wasn’t good enough to save her.  I actually theorize that she got the least number of votes last week, and got saved because she was a woman.  She’s not connecting with the audience on any level, and isn’t leaving any memorable moments in viewer’s heads…  Not any positive ones at least.

Here is how I see the ranking going:

Eliminated: Elise Testosterone

2nd: Heejun

3rd: Shannon or Erika…  Possibly Deandre.

Agree?  Disagree?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.