It’s Wednesday again, and time for me to once again predict (with 100% accuracy) what will happen on tonight’s results show.  I’m kidding (kind of) when I say “with 100% accuracy” however if you follow my predictions, you’d know that I am actually pretty close to batting 1,000 as they say.  So let’s get started:


AMBER: Amber was first, and to be honest with you, she probably had the best PERFORMANCE of the night with her first song, Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love.”  However, I don’t have her in the #1 spot because her second song “MacArthur Park” was not nearly as good.  What a terrible song selection!  Although, to be fair, MOST of the Idols’ second song selection (the “One Hit Wonder” selections) were EVEN WORSE!!  I could not believe the producers allowed the song choices in the second half to fly, and still shows that American Idol is dropping the BASICS that The Voice is nailing…  PICK SONGS THAT PEOPLE KNOW AND LIKE!!  If we’re judging based on last night alone, I have Amber in the upper half, #2 of 4.


CANDICE: I’ve said every week that Candice is the best VOCALIST on the show.  Last night, she wasn’t.  Amber was.  She should be sending judge Mariah Carey flowers this morning, thanking her for asking if she had a cold because it gave Candice a chance to admit that she was in fact sick without coming off like a whiner.  I could tell something was off, though.  Both song selections were bad fits for her.  To be honest, I was excited when I found out she was doing Drake’s “Find Your Love,” but I did NOT appreciate the stylistic changes she made and wish she would have been more faithful to the original.  Her second song, “Emotions” from the BeeGees was impossible to get into…  Who wants to hear that as a ONE HIT WONDER SONG?!?! >:o(  Despite her sickness and the fact that she literally had the worst night she’s had on the show yet, I DON’T think she’ll be going home, but I do predict she’ll be in the bottom half.  I think she’ll rank #3 of 4.


KREE: I was both surprised and excited to see Kree in the bottom two with Janelle last week.  While I can’t stand that she’s still there, I guess she deserves to be because, well, there’s ALWAYS been SOMEBODY worse than her…  But not last night, in my opinion.  Her first performance, “It Hurts So Bad,” was the worst performance of the night.  I was glad that the judges let her know that, too.  That scares me that it will actually rile her fans up to voting for her, but she’s my prediction to hit the road tonight.  Her second song, “Whiter Shade of Pale” (seriously, WTF?!), was significantly better, but still bad enough that I think she had the worst night last night.  If justice prevails, Kree will be shown the door tonight.  She was 4th of 4.


ANGIE: I still love her.  My praise and my criticism for her has been the same it’s been since day 1.  She is ALREADY star-ready, almost like nobody in the history of the entire franchise.  She is who the contest is designed for.  She’s talented, beautiful, charming, and safe…  And last night she sang her ass off.  She sang two songs I wasn’t familiar with (Jessie J’s “Who You Are” and “Cry Me a River” from not-Justin Timberlake), but still moved me.  I love her behind the piano, but still wish she wouldn’t overpronounce her words.  For my money, Angie is your next American Idol, and I ranked her 1st of 4.