Last night’s American Idol was a tough one to call.  There were some significant high-parts and low-parts, and a lot of what I would call “surprises.”  I take a strange pride in being able to forecast who is going to stay and who is going to go.  So, here is my list of last night’s performers, with my thoughts and predictions as far as who is going to bite the dust.

CANDICE: Candice, vocally, is the best on the show…  But I still don’t see her winning.  I still see her coming in third overall.  Last night, I thought she was second best, with only Amber being better.  I did not like the arrangement in her performance of “Straight Up,” but her rendition of “When You Believe” was brilliant, and was a just as brilliant song choice because she should WANT people to compare her to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.  She’ll probably be ranked second tonight, fairly.


JENELLE: I get nervous when I talk about Jenelle because I don’t consider myself qualified to critique country music, however what I heard last night seemed BAD even her.  The judges didn’t seem to hate it like I did, and the country music fans have a track record of being very faithful to their fellow bumpkins.  This makes me think that she won’t be going home tonight.  On the other hand, in my opinion, she is SO CLEARLY not in the same league as her four competitors.  I want to put her as the most likely to go home, although I have kicked myself in the past for underestimating the stupidity of country music fans, and could eat these words tomorrow.  But my official prediction is that she will be shown the door tonight


KREE: I’m an out-of-the-closet Kree hater.  Actually, let me take that back.  I don’t “hate” Kree at all, but I definitely don’t “get” Kree.  To me, she’s average at everything.  Her singing is average; her appearance is average; her personality is actually subpar to me; nothing about her screams “STAR” to me like it does with other contestants.  Last night wasn’t her strongest night.  She looked upset during BOTH of her performances and didn’t seem to be having any fun.  I’m hoping viewers noticed that, but I don’t expect them to.  I would say she was the third best last night.  I hope America echoes that sentiment.


ANGIE: My particular favorite performer this season had a ROUGH night!  Her first performance last night, “I’ll Stand By You” (dedicated to her hometown of Boston) was a MESS…  Complete with MESSED UP LYRICS!  However, her “Halo” was breathtaking.  She’s also EASILY the most star-ready performer on the show and last night was the worst she’s ever done.  If Idol voters have a short-term memory and forget all of her previous performances, she could very well be getting voted off.  If they’re smart, with long-term memory, Jenelle would be getting voted off.  I also think that it’s possible that IF Angie gets voted off, she could get saved.  Saying she was the worst last night would make sense to me, although I’d put Jenelle worse than her.  Angie has probably spent a large part of today sweating bullets, nervous as hell.


AMBER: For my money, nobody had a better night last night than Amber.  She absolutely SLAYED Mariah Carey’s version of “Without You,” and even made me a believer in her rendition of a Barbara Streisand song, a performer I don’t particularly care for.  She got two standing ovations, and earned all of it.  If she’s anywhere near the bottom, something is wrong.