If you missed our discussion about last night’s Grammy Awards on The Rob’s Radio Show this morning, I had some thoughts during last night’s show:

First of all, while not a perfect show by any stretch of the imagination, I thought the show was largely very good.  I though 2011 was a very good year for pop music, and it was reflected in this year’s Grammy Awards as pop got a lot of love and dominated the performances.

Also, I thought LL Cool J was a good host.  Not GREAT, but not bad either.  He’s charming, handsome, and charismatic, and didn’t really make any mistakes which is all you need from somebody in that position.  He also brought a “cool factor” which I think makes him a better choice than somebody like a Ryan Seacrest type.

I like Bruno Mars, and enjoyed his performance for what it was.  I wished he would have played a more familiar hit, but you could tell that he was having a lot of fun onstage and was singing incredibly and live.  Ryan O’Bryan informed me that the gentleman next to Bruno in the hat and glasses is fellow Tri-Stater Phillip Lawrence.  He regularly performs with Bruno Mars and has helped him write some of his biggest hits like “Nothin’ on You,” “Billionaire,” and “Just the Way You Are,” as well as “F You” for Cee Lo Green.

I noticed that when Adele won the award for Best Pop Vocal Performance for “Someone Like You,” Bruno was on camera since he was also nominated for “Grenade.”  While the other nominees typically react tactfully and respectfully, Bruno seemed to throw some sort of tantrum and hissy fit when Adele’s name was announced.  I wish I had more details on this because I’m not 100% sure what I saw, but that’s what it looked like to me.  I’ll admit “Grenade” is a great song and certainly a great pop vocal performace, but while “Grenade” was one of the best vocal performances in 2011, “Someone Like You,” whether you realize it or not, is one of the greatest vocal performances of ALL TIME, and no other song this year is worthy of that award.

For the most part I agreed with all of awards that I cared about, too.  I get very opinionated about music award shows, usually because I know what’s right, and will sometimes throw things around my apartment or at my TV.  I did very little damage during this year’s show, thankfully.

While I’m taking a lot of heat for it here at the radio station, I liked Chris Brown’s “Q-Bert” performance.  Obviously he wasn’t singing live, which offends people, but I’m more lenient on that when I’m seeing epic dancing, which I was last night.

I’ll be honest though I didn’t know what to make of Chris Brown’s second performance, or any of the acts attached to that David Guetta/Deadmau5 collaboration.  Even the Foo Fighters didn’t sound good during it, although I really liked their outdoor performance of “Walk,” easily the best rock song of 2011 and was recognized as such.

Shortly before the Foo Fighters performed “Walk,” they were introduced by Jack Black.  I have been campaigning on the air for years now that Jack Black stopped being funny about a decade ago.  I thought his appearance was a great example of my point.

I liked the tribute to the Beach Boys, but mostly enjoyed seeing Adam Levine.  He gives me good vibrations.

I thought the highlight of the night, without sounding cliché, was honestly Adele.  My particular favorite part of her performance was actually when it ended.  When she received her standing ovation you could see genuine emotion and appreciation written all over her face, and I honestly got goosebumps during the ovation.  I also thought Adele looked very nice, easily the best I’ve ever seen her look.

Sadly, I thought a low point of the show was Nicki Minaj’s strange stageshow.  I was looking forward to her performance more than anybody’s and felt incredibly let down.  That performance displayed everything I DON’T like about Nicki and pop performers in general.  I love your music, but STOP TAKING YOURSELF so seriously!  I don’t like when Lady GaGa does it, and I really don’t like it when Nicki Minaj does it.  I wish she would have just sang “Super Bass” and called it a night.

Finally, thought the show went out on a real high note with Paul McCartney and friends performing the “Golden Slumbers” medley.  I thought the show had a little something for everybody.

Do have any thoughts on what you saw at the Grammy’s?  Feel free to leave them below!