I LOVE Halloween!  I love everything about the season...  The scary movies, the candy, and the COSTUMES!  Since I have an insanely accurate memory, I'm actually able to remember what I dressed up as every year since I was in pre-school!  So, without further ado, here is a list (and some photographs) of everything I've dressed up as since I was four!


Photo: Nancy Hilger

1987: Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle): I still love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I have from the very beginning!


Photo: Nancy Hilger

1988: Clown: Before clowns had a bad name for instilling panic in communities and listening to terrible music (woop woop!), I dressed up as a clown for my kindergarten class.  I'm not POSITIVE if I was SUPPOSED to be a homeless clown, or if I just come off that way in this picture.


1989: Friendly's Waiter: I love the east-coast family chain diner/ice-cream parlor Friendly's.  One of my older brothers worked there, and I donned his uniform for a simple, yet different, first-grade Halloween costume.





1990: Bart Simpson.  This was a homemade costume put together by my mom.  I was Bart, Mom was Marge, Dad was Homer, and my newborn sister was Maggie.  This was in the first season or two of the show that is STILL running to this day...  I was very forward-thinking.






1991: Steve Urkel/Mummy. I loved Steve Urkel from TV's "Family Matters."  When Mom asked who I wanted to be for Halloween, I wanted to run around screaming all of Urkel's catchphrases.  For reasons I couldn't understand at the time, Mom didn't let me wear my Urkel costume (which included make up matching Jaleel White's skin-tone) in the school parade.  She wrapped me in toilet paper and told me to tell everybody I was a mummy.  I was confused and crying.  A few weeks ago, my mother has FINALLY located photographic evidence of myself in my full Urkel regalia...  For the first time ever, I am sharing this controversial photograph with the world.

Photo: Nancy Hilger


Photo: Nancy Hilger


1992: Link from The Legend of Zelda. If fans of The Legend of Zelda are wondering why I look NOTHING AT ALL like Link (who is iconically always clad in GREEN), it's because this costume was modeled after Link at the END of A Link to the Past (which is where I was in the game at the time).  Link briefly loses his green tunic for a short-lived red one and his famous blue shield becomes the golden Mirror Shield.  Hindsight being 20/20, I made a bad nerd-choice.



1993: Gambit from The X-Men


1994-1996: Generic dead guy.  To cut down on costs for her child who was now an adolescent, my mom designed a gruesome looking sweater that made me look like I had just been stabbed to death.  I'd have been upset because it sounds kinda lame, but she made it very gory, so I approved.  That costume lasted me three years and was eventually combined with an elaborate zombie-like mask.


Photo: Nancy Hilger




1997: The Pillsbury Doughboy.  I was so fat and pasty-white that kids already made fun of me for physically resembling the squeaky-voiced, portly Pillsbury posterboy.  I decided to embrace it and dress up like him.






The Hirschbuhl Collection




1998: Howard Stern


1999: WWF Wrestler X-Pac: It was literally the same exact costume as the year before except I also wore an X-Pac T-shirt.


2000: WWF Wrestler Triple H.



The Hirschbuhl Collection




2002: Hulk Hogan





2008 - Present: Super Mario

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