OK, so as I’ve made very clear on the radio and in previous posts on this website, I LOVE Halloween!  As I’ve previously noted, my favorite thing about Halloween is scary movies.  My second favorite thing about Halloween is girls that dress-up in revealing outfits, nearly nude.  But my THIRD favorite thing about Halloween is the CANDY!!!  And now that I’m a grown-up I can bypass the whole trick-or-treating process and buy my own candy for myself!  Tonight, I plan on plopping myself on the couch, watching scary movies, eating candy…  All while looking at my friends on facebook wearing next-to-nothing.  With that being said, here is my list of the best Halloween candy for the 2012 season!  This is not an all-time list, just the candy I’ve been enjoying this year:


#1 – Milky Way Simply Caramel


#2 – Twix


#3 – Payday


#4 – Butterfinger


#5 - Dots