The first season of MTV's surprise breakout hit of the year has just wrapped up.  Of course I'm talking about "Catfish."  The show features couples involved in shady online relationships and ultimately brings them together to meet for the first time.  It has gripped the nation, especially with the young female demograph which I for some reason seem to fall into anymore.  It was one of the most talked about shows on Facebook and Twitter over the past four months, and spread from word of mouth and even wound up being critically acclaimed by people who don't typically watch MTV programming.


If you couldn't tell from listening to The Rob's Radio Show, I am a big fan of this show.  I am sad to see its spectacular first season come to an end, although I am very excited for the upcoming "Reunion" episode headed our way next Monday.  If you have never seen the show, here is a list I put together compiling the three greatest episodes from the first season of MTV's "Catfish."  WARNING: This article contains spoilers!



#3: JASMINE & MIKE - This episode will be remembered as the most volitile and combustible of the whole season.  Its story unfolded progressively throughout the course of the episode and was probably one of the series' deeper episodes.  Jasmine had been talking to Mike for a period of time of time online who she had clearly fallen for very hard.  They had spoken on the phone a handful of times, but had never met, despite living in the same city.  Offline, Jasmine had been talking to one of her exes, who had moved on to another girl.  The payoff of the episode was the very heated exchange that happened when Jasmine went to meet her online boyfriend outside of his apartment.  The person who greeted her was Mhissy...  Whom Jasmine recognized as her ex's current girlfriend.  Mhissy admitted to creating Mike to lure Jasmine away from her boyfriend.



Jamison, Nev, and Sunny.

#2: SUNNY & JAMISON - Sunny will be remembered first for being the star of the very first episode of "Catfish."  She will be remembered secondly as probably the most attractive subject featured on the show.  People, myself included, didn't know what to expect from this first episode...  And it delivered in spades!  While never coming off as a genius or a brainiac, Sunny seemed like a somewhat-intelligent, mostly-attractive girl in her early twenties who really shouldn't have a problem finding the boyfriend that she very obviously wanted.  She fell for a guy named Jamison, whom was friends with her sister on Facebook.  She added him as a friend despite her sister already having a crush on him.  They began to talk online and on the phone, fell in love quickly and passionately, despite having never actually met face-to-face.  More so than any other subject featured on the show, Sunny absolutely BELIEVED everything Jamison told her.  The thought of her online boyfriend being anything but a model and a Hollywood up-and-comer didn't exist in her head.  She even sacrificed her relationship with her sister to go visit Jamison...  Who went on to be revealed as a young, socially awkward, unattractive, boyish lesbian.

Rose, shown here with her chest.

#1: JOE & KARI ANN - There was a LOT of hype going to "Average Joe's" episode of "Catfish."  The show was on fire heading into their midseason break for Christmas and New Year's.  For two weeks MTV had been advertising this episode as something special, and I feel as if they delivered the goods.  Joe found it somewhat hard to believe that he was in an online relationship with a former Miss America (or one of those huge beauty pageant winners) Kari Ann Paniche.  As the episode began, I immediately recognized Kari Ann's name and photographs from her appearances in "Celebrity Rehad With Dr. Drew," "The Howard Stern Show," and Playboy Magazine, and I definitely thought it would be unlikely that she would date a bumpkin like Average Joe.  Joe himself was leery, but had been unable to find any inconsistancies in her story.  Catfishing expert and show host Nev Schulman was also unable to find a single crack in Kari Ann's armor, and did not know what to expect when he was finally able to secure a meeting between Joe and Keri Ann.  Nobody could believe that peripheral character and large-chested mutual friend Rose was actually behind the whole thing, motivated partially by a crush she has had on Joe since high school, but mostly out of a bizarre and unfortunate "addiction" she had developed to catfishing.  Her craft of dishonesty was so incredibly mastered that she was the only catfish that Nev was unable to find a SINGLE inconsistancy with.  The icing on the cake came during the episode's epilogue which stated that Rose was unable to delete her Kari Ann profile, and had flown to California to live with a man she met online...  A man who was expecting to meet Kari Ann.

If you only watch three episodes of MTV's "Catfish," make it these three!  Did I leave any of your favorites off of my list?  Comment below!