Highly anticipated MTV reality show debuts last night.

Listeners of The Rob's Radio Show know I am a sucker for anything on MTV.  There's a handful of shows that I stay away from, but their program generally is very enjoyable to me.


The cable network's flagship show Jersey Shore aired its final episode two Thursdays ago...  Er, excuse me--Two Jerzdays ago.  While we will continue to be annoyed by the personalities that made up that show through spin-offs and other specials, MTV was faced with the decision of what show they should now use to fill their coveted Jerzday night timeslot, a spot that is traditionally given to their most-visible shows.


Enter Buckwild.  Advertisements for the show began about a month ago and garnered a lot of attention on social media and discussion boards.  The advertisements featured several young people in what is portrayed to be a podunk town in West Virgina.  The people on the show seemed fun-loving, carefree, dirty, and stupid.  They were often shown naked and rolling around in mud and dirt.  The magnifying glass shone on the yet unaired cable show even more so when West Virginia government officials called for the show's removal from MTV's line-up, citing that the show presents West Virginia in a negetive light.


...Needless to say, I couldn't wait to for the show to debut last night, 1/3/13!


Buckwild comes off to me as a cross between Jersey Shore and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.  It takes the annoying personalities and sexual promiscuity of the Shore and mixes it with the incestuous charm and hillbilly affability of Honey Boo Boo.  It also blends the vernacular and grammar of Duck Dynasty with the class and appeal of an episode of Jackass.


In other words, you can't miss it!  The first episode was filled with Red Solo Cups, nut-shots, booze, crooked teeth, tanlines, and nudity.  If you go into it with the right mentality (expecting to laugh at it as opposed to with it), young adults looking to fill the void that the Jersey Shore's cancellation has left would probably enjoy Buckwild.