Another week of “American Idol” is in the books and, once again, America made some mistakes.

Erika Van Pelt was shown the door, and while I’m not terribly surprised since I placed her in my bottom three, there were plenty of people who should have been sent home before her.

I can’t believe Elise Testo(stero)ne wasn’t in the bottom three.  While she WAS coming off of probably her strongest week to date, she has a track record of being bad and is consistently in the bottom three.  I find her presence on the show illegitimate as well, since I felt in weeks one and two she shouldn’t have been saved.

I was honestly surprised Heejun was in the bottom three because I honestly thought his PERFORMANCE of “My Life” was the best on the live show this week.  Couple that with the fact that he wasn’t even in the bottom three last week, and I was surprised America’s love affair with him hasn’t lasted longer.  If he wasn’t in the bottom three after his performance last week, but was THIS week, we’ll probably be saying goodbye to him next week or the following.

One of my favorites this season, and actually still my pick to win it all, is Phillip Phillips…  But he REALLY let me down this week singing “Moving Out.”  I thought he was by far the worst performer this week, and stripped the song of all of its fun.  I don’t care what he wears and whether he holds a guitar or not, just SOUND GOOD.  He did not do that this week.

Terrible week not withstanding, I predict Phillip will make it to the finals, and I think he’ll be meeting Colton Dixon in the final week.  I foresee Jessica Sanchez in third place, and Skylar still in fourth place, although the more time goes by, the more I think Hollie may make it into the final four in Skylar’s stead…  Time will tell.

Lastly, I really hope they do away with theme weeks.  I LOVE the music of Billy Joel.  The same could be said for Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston.  BUT I do not like when they focus on ONE musician for an entire week because it can get stale quickly, and eventually they’re going to do a theme I’m not enthusiastic about (like country music or opera), and watching the show will feel more like a chore.  I can DEAL with themes that allow for variety, like “songs from the year you were born,” but I wish they’d just let the kids pick their own dumb songs.

To be honest, even with the music of Billy Joel being as good as it is, the song CHOICES were still pretty poor.  There were too many unfamiliar songs, and MASSIVE hits that weren’t touched!  Where the hell was “Uptown Girl?!”  What about “River of Dreams?!”  “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant,” anybody?  “We Didn’t Start the Fire?”  “She’s Always a Woman…”  Really, nobody touched that?  I’ll forgive lesser-known favorites of mine like “Allentown,” “Captain Jack,” and “And So it Goes,” but someone should have tried “Uptown Girl.”

Do you agree/disagree with anything?  Feel free to comment below!