I'll even tell you who's going home tonight AND who's going to win the WHOLE THING!

Tonight, American Idol makes the cut from 7 crappy contestants to 6.  Here are my thoughts on Idol’s top 7, in order of what I feel is their likelihood of going home tonight.


Since Idol hit their top 10, a guy has gone home every week since.  I am completely confident that another man will be going home tonight, and honestly, one will probably go home again next week.  The contestant I wouldn’t want to be this week is LAZARO.  It’s no secret the only reason this character is still here is because he has achieved that “sympathy vote” for his incredibly distracting and aurally crippling stutter that ranks among the absolute worst I’ve ever heard in my life.  Last night was actually his best performance since the show has gone live, but still poor enough to be in the bottom three of last night.


I honestly think BURNELL did a better job than Lazaro last night, but I’m not sure America would agree with me.  Burnell is also not nearly as MEMORABLE as Lazaro, so I fear tonight may be his last.  Honestly, I’m split 50/50 between which guy will be hitting the road tonight…  Emotion and an undeserved faith in America makes me think Lazaro, but logic and common sense tell me Burnell.  Rest assured one of these two gentleman will be sent packing.


To be honest, if we’re to send off the worst performer from last night, JANELLE should be packing her bags tonight…  But she won’t.  I feel she is the weakest female, but still better-liked than any male on the show.  But last night I thought she should have embarrassed, despite approval from all of the judges.


AMBER did the best job last night actually if you want my opinion.  But her competition in the “upper half” is too strong for her to hang with.  Her greatness last night is not enough to compete with her competition’s greatness EVERY week.


CANDICE SHOULD be in the top 1 or 2, but I ultimately see her going home the week before the finals.  Her voice may actually be the BEST on the show, and she has an awful lot of NATURAL talent, but I don’t think she connects with the audience the way the next two do.


I wish I understood KREE.  EVERYBODY I talk to loves this chick.  I think she’s a good enough singer, not the best.  She’s clearly connecting with viewers, while completely going over my head.  If you want a good singer, she’s good but there’s better.  If you want a beautiful girl, she’s OK but there’s better.  If you want someone with personality, again, she’s OK but there’s better.  I really think everything Kree can do Angie can do better, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she won the whole thing.


I’m certain Kree or ANGIE will win this season of American Idol.  I’m clearly pulling for Angie.  Last night wasn’t her best performance.  She nailed the verses but pulled back on the choruses and that could have been a real opportunity that she missed out on.  She has a charming personality, and a unique beauty that doesn’t make girls feel inferior to her.  She doesn’t come off artificial at all, and I can MUCH easier see a top 40 radio station like KISS playing records from Angie than I can from Kree.


I’ve done a pretty good job predicting the winners on the air so far.  Tonight’s not as easy though.  What do you think, leave me some comments!