Last week wound up being kind of a bust on the results show because nobody went home.  There was a forced save now that we were in the final four and the judges hadn’t used their save yet.  So we STILL have the top four, and I will again try to predict who is going home tonight.


I wish they would have just sent someone home last week because last week I thought it was much easier to pick who did best and worst.  I thought last night’s episode was a mish-mash of mediocrity, in which no one stood out one way or another.


ANGIE: Angie didn’t bowl me over with either of her performances last night, but she HAS to still be a favorite.  She was in the top two last week, and they’re combining this week’s votes with last week’s, so I feel pretty strongly that she’s staying put, and actually has a ticket to the finals…  I have her as the safest, if someone has more votes than her I would be surprised.


AMBER: On the opposite side of the coin, I think Amber is MOST likely to go home tonight.  She was in the bottom two last week, so she won’t benefit from the point combination.  Her performances last night honestly wasn’t that much worse than anybody else’s, but the judges gave her the hardest time I felt.  She’s great, but she’s still not making that connection with the audiences that she desperately needs to.


CANDICE: These last two are admittedly my hardest two to place.  Candice probably benefitted most from the non-elimination last week, because she bounced back from her not-so-good sick-week with a back-and-at-‘em strong week.  She had the best night last night in my opinion.  Her second song (“You’ve Changed?”) was likely the best of the night and got a hearty standing-ovation.  Her rendition of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” was actually my second favorite, so she had BOTH of the best performances last night…  But again, it wasn’t THAT MUCH better than any other performance from any other singer.  I’m going to put her in the #2 spot overall, which is daring given that she probably had the least number of votes last week and they’re combining them.  But I’m sticking by my decision.


KREE: Still far and away my least favorite, Kree could very easily make the top two, but I’m putting her in the third place position…  Second most likely to go home.  I felt like her first performance Carrie Underwood’s “See You Again” was very strong, but her go-home song of “Stormy Weather” was not as well-received.  Honestly, she could fall anywhere from worst to first and I wouldn’t be surprised, but I’m going to place her third place of the four.