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And I'll even tell you who's going to advance!

I sat down and watched America’s Got Talent last night.  It was the first live show this season, and I thought it was FANTASTIC!  Here’s a quick recap of the show, including who I think will make it to the next round.  Twelve acts performed, only four will advance.


First up were THE DISTINGUISHED MEN OF BRASS, a very high-energy, up-tempo marching band act.  I have never been a big fan of this act, and last night didn’t change my opinion.  Although I don’t care for them
very much, I wouldn’t be SHOCKED to see them advance…   I think AMERICA likes them.  I don’t think they’ll make the top 4, I think they’ll miss by a hair.



EDON was next, he was the first singer and he did an EXCELLENT job!  He sang “Titanium” by David Guetta
& Sia.  He was my hardest cut to make from my top 4, especially when Howard Stern predicted he’d make it at the end of the show.  This is the only spot I disagree with Howard on.  Edon was good, but probably not good enough.

Magician/musician JARRETT & RAJA had a very cool act in my opinion.  Their combination magic
show/Broadway musical with a “Singin’ in the Rain” motif had an awful lot of potential to me, but unfortunately the camera gave most of their secrets away.  While I respected their creativity (and I LOVE magic), I don’t expect to see these two advance.


Six-year old dancing sensation LIL STARR was next since she has an early bedtime.  Her dancing is
extraordinary for her age, however probably not enough to land her in the top 4.  While I think she has a large, vocal fan club out there, I don’t think Lil Starr is going to advance.


If I had to describe TODD OLIVER’S dog ventriloquism act in one word, it would be TERRIBLE.  All
three judges noted, fittingly, that the act isn’t too bad, but he was void of MATERIAL.  HE isn’t funny.  You could even see after his performance, when he had to interact and be spontaneous, he was out of his element.  He has no chance of advancing if you ask me, and for good reason.


The spectacular AMERICAN BMX STUNT TEAM took the stage next.  While I thought their act was
missing something, I actually have them advancing the next round.  They were the most dangerous and memorable act from last night which means a lot to voters.  They were my least-favorite of
MY top 4, but still good enough to advance if you ask me.


Vocalist NICKI JENSEN sang “The Scientist” by Coldplay.  I loved that song, and enjoyed her rendition of it.  I don’t like her chances of advancing though, and I‘m OK with that because I really don’t want to see a singer
win (win The Voice, win American Idol, win X-Factor… Don’t win America’s Got Talent.) Iwas also annoyed when she referred to not using her guitar as “a risk.”  Talk to the act before you about taking risks, honey.


I had very low expectations for the next act, THE SCOTT BROTHERS.  I never liked their auditions, and didn’t see the appeal of brothers dancing in sync…  But they blew me away!  They actually went on to be my favorite act of the whole night.  Obviously the highlight was the optical illusion they performed with their hats.  If you didn’t see it, you should find a way…  They’re definitely going through.


Another low-point of the show was MICHAEL NEJAD.  While I didn’t hate his household-item-musical-instrument as much as the judges and the audience, he’s another guy who has no chance of advancing to the next round.


The Puerto Rican 787 CREW took the stage next, but also failed to win me over.  They’re dancing
act was good, but felt played out to me.  After seeing something as refreshing as the Scott Brother two acts
earlier, I was unimpressed by 787.  I’m not expecting them to move forward.


SHANICE & MAURICE HAYES, the father/daughter singing act redeemed themselves after a less-than-impressive Vegas performance.  Their act had EMOTION, which was absolutely lacking from the other solo musicians we had seen earlier in the night.  I expect them to go through, even though I will probably get sick of them very quickly.


Last, but far from least, was the musician/dancer/painter DAVID GARIBALOI & THE CMYKS.  Their
Mick Jagger/”Paint it Black” performance was my second-favorite of the night, and had the room that I watch the show in blown away.  They also seem like a safe-bet to advance.

What do you think of my predictions?  Who do you think will advance?