Things are starting to heat up on the Voice as tonight the top 8 become the top 6!  Admittedly, my predictions have been spotty at best thus far, but I’ll give you my rundown the way I saw things last night.  This time, I’ll be going chronologically as opposed to separating the contestants into talent levels.


JUDITH HILL: If you want my honest opinion, Judith had the worst performance last night.  I thought “#thatPOWER” from wil. i. am and Justin Bieber was a terrible choice, and the artistic changes she made didn’t benefit her performance at all…  BUT she has been among the BEST performers week after week.  I feel like she’s many people’s favorite and that will be enough to keep her safe, but only barely.


HOLLY TUCKER: I have never liked her.  I’ve predicted her to be going home (I think) every week now, and it’s never happened for some reason.  I don’t know how she couldn’t be in the bottom two tonight, but I’ve been proved wrong by these wily singing competition shows more times than I care to count.


THE SWON BROTHERS: They round out my bottom two.  Actually, I like these guys, but their performance of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road” was, while good, a little boring and forgettable.  I’d like to see them stay (and maybe do, like, a 90s rock song or something), but expect to see them go.


SASHA ALLEN: She’s a hard one to call, too.  I feel like people love her based on her track record.  I love David Guetta and Usher’s “Without You,” and appreciated her performance of it, but I don’t think the audience did as much as me.  Still, even without prior weeks of success, there were still AT LEAST two worse performers last night than Sasha.


SARAH SIMMONS: Her rendition of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” didn’t do a whole lot for me positively or negatively, but I feel like the audience liked it a lot.  I expect her to stay.


MICHELLE CHAMUEL: Another crowd favorite that I haven’t taken a liking to yet.  That being said, I think Michelle had the performance of the night last night with Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.”  She made very cool changes to the song that I feel enhanced her performance, and people seemed to eat it up.  I feel like if anyone is safe tonight, it’s Michelle.


DANIELLE BRADBERY: Knowing how I feel about country music, you can imagine how much I hated lil Danielle’s rendition of –ahem- “”Grandpa, Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days” by the Judds.  It doesn’t matter what she does at this point though, I expect her to actually win the whole thing still…  But top 4 for sure!  I will also note  that last night was the first time I really felt Danielle came off like a true STAR…  Her look, her demeanor, her poise.  She was on point.


AMBER CARRINGTON: I would call her performance of Adele’s “Skyfall” average at best.  It seemed very polarizing, and the fact that it was an Adele song seemed to overshadow the actual performance…  That’s lame to me.  I say she stays, but I don’t say that confidently.