This morning on The Rob's Radio Show with Kat Mykals we were talking about a news story that involved Mr. Moon, a man whose body was switched with another man who resided at his Hospice care center - not only were the bodies switched but Mr. Moon was cremated. Cremation was NOT in his death plan.

We started talking about our own death plans and Kat brought up the business that will mix your ashes into a vinyl record. Then we talked about what song we'd have playing on our death records.



I'd have "Every Breath You Take" by The Police on my death record. The reason I chose this song is because that's exactly what I'll be doing - watching you. Every moment of every day.


Now, I want to make it very clear... I DO NOT WANT TO BE CREMATED!! However, if I had to be cremated and press my ashes into a record (???), the song I'd want to be pressed on to the disc would be "November Rain" from Guns N' Roses. For reasons I can't necessarily explain, that has always been my favorite song. The video for the song is epic, and inspired thoughts both happy and said. I feel that the song has always been 'there for me,' and probably shaped my music preferences more than any other song. Also, it's 8:52 long... I'll be getting more use out of my dead-body LP than most


I would have to have the entire Dark Side of the Moon from Pink Floyd. It's my all time favorite album of all time - I can listen to it beginning to end. It would be a must to immortalize me for eternity!