KISS-FM freelance writer (but most importantly Kat's husband) Mike Adams takes on The Rob at Twilight on the Trail Family Day!

There was a great charity event that took place this weekend at the Old Newburgh Lock and Dam called Twilight on the Trail Family Day.  The event raised money for TOUCH, an organization that donates non-medical funds and supplies to cancer patients.  While at the event, I was challenged to a joust by Kat's husband and KISS-FM freelance author Mike Adams.


I assumed Mike was joking, but I quickly learned he was being serious about stepping into the inflatable ring with me.  So, like true gladiators, we took off our shoes, picked up the giant Q-Tips, and unloaded on each other.  The video is featured below.  The hulking, imposing, god-like man in blue on the right side of the screen is me.

This is the first in a series of videos of me beating up members of the Adams family.  As the week progresses, look for videos of me beating up Mike again, as well as his 13-year-old daughter!  There will also be a very sexy ladies match-up pitting Kat Mykals against State Farm Agent Mary Rokicki, so keep checking back throughout the week!