How bad do you have to want to sleep to wear this thing over your head?

The Ostrich Pillow was funded through Kickstarter, and designed to give people the opportunity to power nap anywhere and anytime by creating a cocoon around your head that blocks out noise and light allowing you to rest undisturbed. Simply slide the contraption over your head, centering it so your mouth and nose poke through hole in the front allowing you to keep breathing (an important part of sleeping, and well, living in general), then rest your head against something sturdy like a wall, desk, etc., and snooze the day away. The cushioned hood also features two holes near the top on either side, allowing users who opt to put their head down on a desk or table to rest their hands comfortably inside.

Statistics show that a power nap during the day helps boost alertness and motor skills, so I understand how the creators of the Ostrich Pillow saw a market for their product. But couldn't they have created something that did look like a bad prop from some alien-themed Sci-Fi movie? And what about people concerned with how their hair looks? Are they going to sacrifice a good hair day for a 20 minute power nap? I would also be afraid of it getting to hot on the inside. Yes, you're more alert and ready to tackle the rest of your day after your power nap, but now you're soaked in sweat and look like you just worked out for an hour. Refreshing!

Surely there's a better design out there somewhere that would feature an open top while still providing "sensory deprivation". Perhaps something like this, which I whipped up with Photoshop in about 15 minutes.

G'night, everybody! (Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)

If you're interested, the Ostrich Pillow is available on Amazon for just over $25. My design is clearly still in the development stage.