With the tragedy that took place on Friday in Connecticut it's really easy to take a look back and wonder if humans can get any lower.  In a time like this it's hard to remember that there still is good in this world.  I know right now the future may seem bleak, and I feel like everyone could use a little bit of a pick-me-up, so let me introduce you to the nicest place on the internet.


You know when I walked into the KISS studio to start my show on Friday evening, it was really hard.  I didn't know what to say.  On one hand I just wanted to pretend those events had never taken place and carry on with my usual happy show, but on the other hand I wanted to just cry and stay in bed all day.  I didn't really know what to say and the whole way to work I was just going through my head trying to figure out how to talk about the events that happened that day.  It was really hard to think about what to say and not get angry at the man who unleashed terror on an elementary school.  I was at a total loss for words.  I didn't want to not talk about it and seem insensitive (trust me it was all I could think about), but I also didn't want to talk about it my entire show.  I was just kind of stuck.

As I walked through the doors of the station something hit me.  We have this back room area where there are windows and we can see in and inside this room it was FILLED I mean completely FILLED with toys from the 911 Gives Hope For the Holidays Toy Drive.  These toys were donated by tri-staters, to help make kids that happen to be spending the holidays in area hospitals holidays just a little bit brighter.  And I realized, you know right now it is so easy to look at the events that occurred Friday and think that there is absolutely no good left in the world. Trust me, I'm right there with you.  As soon as I heard the news I immediately thought that there was officially no more good left in the world and that we as humans have hit an all time low.  But then I saw those toys.

Those toys reminded me that even though one of the most unthinkable, and worst possible events imaginable took place on Friday, there is still good in this world.  We as a tri-state came together to make kids in area hospitals holidays so much brighter.  We as a tri-state have come together and spent our own hard earned money to help each other out.  And to me those toys were enough to remind me, that even though it seems this way right now, everything is not bleak.  The world is going to continue spinning, and eventually we will begin healing.  But in the mean time try not to lose all hope.  To me those toys were a sign of hope.

After all the sad news going around, it's nice to get some not so sad news.  In a time like this I think everyone could use a hug, so from me to you here are some hugs from the nicest place on the internet.  (Click here and enjoy!)  And may you and your family have the absolute best holiday season you've ever had.

-Melissa Awesome