God bless the internet. Without it, the world would never get the chance to know people like Charles Ramsey of Cleveland, Ohio.

In all seriousness, Ramsey was an integral part in alerting police to the discovery of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, three Cleveland women who had been kidnapped a decade ago, and made a dramatic escape from captivity yesterday. For more on the story, visit the Cleveland Plain Dealer website.

Not only is Ramsey a hero to some degree, but thanks to this interview he gave the ABC affiliate in Cleveland, he's quickly on his way to becoming a world-wide viral star; soon to be showing up in your Facebook news feed in any variety of memes, video spoofs, and, let's hope, stellar remixes.

Charles' tell-it-like-he-sees-it account of the events, highlighted by a one-line zinger near the end is the stuff of news gathering gold. Sorry, Sweet Brown, but you're 15 minutes of fame are up. There's a new kid in town, and "ain't nobody got time" for you anymore.