The big news this week is the Powerball jackpot sitting at $600 million dollars. Let's say, for argument's sake, you win it all. A new house would be in order, right? Take a look at what that $600 million will get you here in the Tri-State.

1620 Talon Place - Evansville, IN


Cost: $1,590,000 at

Number you could by with $600 million: Just under 377


6644 Sharon Road - Newburgh, IN


Cost: $947,000 at

Number you could buy with $600 million: 633


7 Old Orchard Road - Mount Vernon, IN


Cost: $375,000 at

Number you could buy with $600 million: 1,600


6255 West Timberlane Court - Henderson, KY


Cost: $499,900 at

Number you could buy with $600 million: 1,200


11825 Darmstadt Rd - Evansville, IN

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You may or may not recognize this house. If not, you'll definitely recognize who calls it home. This sprawling property in the northern part of Vanderburgh County is owned by current Los Angeles Dodger manager, and Evansville native, Don Mattingly.

Cost: Unknown, but my guess is that you could easily afford it with $600 million.