This morning, we're hating on everyone. We're compiling the personality traits in other people we hate the worst.

Kat: People who fish for sympathy. On the Facebook thread, Steven Henning added: "When Kat mentioned the Fishers, I literally said OMG out loud. I know so many of them."

Chandelle: I don't like people who set others up for failure. Like when someone asks you a question they know you don't know the answer to.

Rob: The subtle bragger. People who will post something on Facebook just to brag about something. For example, a girl who brags about being hit on every time she walks out the house.

Caller: When you're in a conversation with someone and they interject with someone in every conversation, even when they aren't in it.

ANOTHER caller: People who use big words just for the sake of it.

Steve (another caller): People who talk louder than you to try to get you to stop talking.