They may have been released over 10 years apart, but the similarities between the two are remarkable.

The video and accompanying mash-up was put together by someone calling themselves Raheem Da Playa O4 (let's just call him "Raheem") whose YouTube channel features several other mash-ups including a Lady Gaga and Rihanna mix, Gotye and Usher, as well as a couple of how to make your own mash-up videos.

This one in particular is not only amazing in how well its done and how seamlessly Raheem smoothly transitions between verses, but how similar the two songs are in style and beat. Of course any good mix DJ can take any two songs, blend them together, and make it sound great, but these two in particular really pair well together.

The similarities don't stop there. Even the videos themselves have nearly the same premise; a street party where everyone's dancing and having a good time complete with cool cars doing burnouts. And if you thought the songs on Bieber's new album borrowed heavily on Timberlake's more "adult" sound as he transitioned from boy band to solo artist, this mash-up pretty much proves that.

I think my favorite part of the whole video is watching Lance Bass frolic around in the backseat with a cute blond considering what Lance has revealed about himself in the year's since the "Girlfriend" video was shot. I wonder if he showered after the scene was filmed to get all the "icky girl cooties" off him?