The bill that would allow business' to refuse service to gays has officially been vetoed. The Rob's Radio show and the listeners have a lot to say about it.

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This is an issue we have been talking about a great deal on the show. While I'm not surprised that bigotry exists and that a bill like this has been PROPOSED, I am actually fairly shocked that it made it as far as it did to wind up on the Arizona Governor's to be either signed into law or vetoed. I feel like this was an example of the media being used for good. I am proud that the media shone the spotlight on this issue and that it encouraged discussion. I can't say for certain that the applied pressure changed Governor Brewer's thoughts at all, but I was happy to see that this gross story had what I perceive to be a happy ending.


I feel that the governor did the right thing, and I applaud the major corporations that took a stand against this bill, urging the governor to utilize her power to veto. At it's most core, this was not a religious issue nor was it a gay issue. This was a human rights issue. As a country, as a people, we cannot give others the right to impede on the freedoms and rights of others. To do so would be an injustice and a disgrace. I hope that this will be a lesson for our government and lawmakers that the majority does not support bigotry & hate.


Honestly, I can't believe this bill even made it as far as it did. Allowing businesses to refuse service to a person because he/she is gay would have set us back decades. I feel like a bill like this being passed would essentially be encouraging hate and discrimination. I'm glad that it didn't come to that. Even if she only vetoed the bill because of pressure from the media like some people seem to think, I still think it was the right decision.