The Franklin Street Events Association recently bought an empty lot and planted a community garden, but they've run into some trouble with providing water to the garden. Find out how you can help!

Photo: ThinkStock

According to the GoFundMe page that has been set up to raise funds to support the water project for the community garden:

The Franklin Street Events Association's Community Garden NEEDS water!!

The lot we purchased from the city does not contain a water line, an issue we were not aware of at time of purchase.  We need to raise $1500 to have our lot reconnected to city water.  This is an ongoing project, and we will have this garden from year to year for our West Side community to enjoy!

The community garden is located at 2524 W. Franklin Street. Over half of the beds belong to different community non-for profits, as well as beds for the children of the neighborhood. It is a great space where neighbors, Franklin Street employees of many of the different businesses, and the community at large gather to not only work on various projects, but just to spend time together working on a common cause. The community beds are there to harvest for anyone in the neighborhood.


You can make a donation to help with the cost of the water service for the garden by donating through the GoFundMe Page.