A trending Twitter topic right now (say THAT five times fast), is #MoviesIveSeen50x. For me that's easy, the original Star Wars triology, The Princess Bride, and anything that starts with "Disney, Pixar, Disney and Pixar, or Dreamworks Animation presents" (remember, I have two young kids). So instead, I thought I'd rattle off five "classic" or "iconic" films that apparently everyone has seen...but me.

The Godfather Trilogy

I don't even need to see your face to know that your mouth has dropped open and your brow has furrowed in some sort of "Really?" expression. It's not that I have any opposition to seeing the films, I've actually seen bits a pieces of the first one, but just haven't found the time to sit through it from start to finish. When I first subscribed to Netflix, it was available to watch instantly so I added it to my cue and there it sat. It has since been removed from their list of streamable (?) films, and I still haven't seen it. Apparently, it's an offer I can refuse.


Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I realize these films have more of a niche with the fantasy/sci-fi crowd, but they were also critically acclaimed and racked up a ton of awards which gave them more of a mass appeal. There is a slight caveat to this entry as I have seen the first one, but somehow never got around to seeing two and three. For what it's worth, I hear they're great.


Taxi Driver

This film produced one of the most iconic scenes ever filmed and one of the most quoted lines in cinematic history...all in one shot! That's how good it apparently is! And that's also all I've ever seen of it (thanks YouTube!).


The Big Lebowski

All I know is that Jeff Bridges plays a guy called "The Dude" and John Goodman is in it too. I also know there's a lot of bowling involved and that there are people who worship this movie as if were made by God himself. I used to have a co-worker that had a Lebowski calendar hanging in his office and that's not something you pick up out of the dollar bin because you simply need a calendar. You seek that out.


Road House

Most people file this under "Guilty Pleasure" and will say that anytime they see it on TV, they'll stop and watch it. Those same people will tell you that it's not the greatest movie ever made. As a matter of fact, they'll tell you it's downright campy and not really well acted. This is another one I've only caught bits and pieces of and that's because I'll see it as I'm flipping through the channels, but it's usually somewhere in the middle and I would rather sit and watch it in its entirety. Which I obviously still haven't done.


So now the question is, "Will I ever see these films?" In my head I think I will. I'll add it to the list of all those other things I plan on doing that so far haven't happened.

Is there a "must-see" movie you haven't watched yet? Let me know in the comments below.