While perusing the dollar bin at Target on 1st Avenue in Evansville a week or so back, my wife stumbled across the Plug Out Outlet Organizer. She showed it to me not so much to suggest that it was something we needed, but more of a why-didn't-I-think-of-that kind thing. As soon as she showed it to me, I knew that we could use it, but not for it's intended purpose. No, I had better plans for it. Prepare to have your mind blown.

(Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)

BOOM! Toothbrush holder.

The whole contraption is made up rubber with an adhesive back so you can stick it anywhere, and the knobby-things separate easily to slide a toothbrush in between while still being close enough together the head of your brush rests on top.

No more toothbrushes laying all over the sink. No more sitting them in a cup only to have all the leftover water and toothpaste residue slide down to the bottom and form into some sort of scummy germ habitat. The Plug Out Organizer eliminates all that, even though that's not it's intention.

We paid $3 for this one at the aforementioned Target. However, since products in that particular location of the store rotate frequently, it may be hard to find one locally. Good thing the internet is around to save the day! You can pick up a 4-pack online at UncommonGoods.com for $15.00.