by Gretchin Irons

When the #ImSoEvansville craze hit, Mikey Facebooked “I’m so Evansville, that I am Evansville.” And he’s right. We are ALL Evansville, no matter how long we have lived here. I don’t get 90% of the references people are making, like “I’m so Evansville, that I remember when Washington Square Mall used to be rad." But, I do a whole show dedicated to the city, and produce a giant calendar with just about everything on it. Everything? Everything.

Therefore, I’m so Evansville. And I love it!

This episode was CRAZY FUN to shoot! I got to be inside a giant bubble, I parted with break-dancers and a Delorean, then I ran up and down the riverfront handing out prizes! Whew! Did you know all of this was happening, right here in Evansville?

If you didn’t have an epic weekend, you should bookmark our community calendar. We have all kinds of events listed. That’s what we do, as a crew: we’re out, we have some time, we ask ourselves, "What’s going on right now?”

Check the calendar. Boom. We are there.

Do you know how to have even more fun? Roam your city! The Crew rolled up on this magnificent trailer/RV/gypsy home, on our way to get lunch at PG. Isn’t it COOL? This discovery led us to shoot a whole new intro. for the latest episode, which I think is pretty funny. You never know what you’ll find when you go exploring!

And you should totally watch to the end, I get Mikey to do something UTTERLY HILARIOUS. Enjoy!


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