How did I know anything before Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat?


I was sitting at my desk when suddenly, a bunch of people on Facebook started posting about how it is/was (depending on when you read this) snowing. There is no way I would have ever learned this had I not been staring into my computer screen. Because sometimes people on the internet lie, I went to investigate these claims myself.

I was surprised to learn that the hivemind of my social media was correct, it was, in fact, snowing. I even took a photo to document this:

Gavin Eddings

Pictured:Snow, as reported by several friends

Had I not been notified by everyone of my friends saying "It's snowing!", I would have no way of being informed of this up to date development. I don't know how anyone knew what the weather was like before we all said what was happening on our Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat stories. And before you write-off the above picture as an elaborate hoax, I took a photo of myself standing in the snow:

Gavin Eddings

This is occurring on March 13th, 2017...OR IS IT?!

Social media is a beautiful way to bring us all together to fight about politics or TV shows we don't like  discuss what is currently happening with our weather. Someday, we will invent something that allows us to see outside without having to go outside, until then, let us show some love to people who post about snow on the internet.