Nothing says "holidays" like a South Korean dancing sensation!

The idea of syncing Christmas lights to music is not a new one. Heck, last year, one creative fellow took it one step further by making his home's display a playable game of Angry Birds.

Now, it's just become a battle of who can set up the most elaborate display in an effort to gain their 15 minutes of viral video fame. To which I'm more than happy to help spread the virality.

The latest entry comes from John Storms of Austin, TX whose history of over-the-top displays has gained him exposure on the national level from news outlets such as CNN and Good Morning America. Being a smart (and apparently crafty guy), John knew the best way to gain more notoriety, and irritate the neighbors to no end, would be to sync this year's display to the "it" song of the moment. That song of course being Psy's worldwide hit, "Gangnam Style".

To see John's previous light work, and to find out how to go about setting up your own epic light display, check out his website,