If you are like me, you want the most buzz for the buck. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to achieve this while drinking domestic beers. Most domestics have an average ABV (alcohol by volume) somewhere around 4.2 – 5.5 percent, while some specialty domestic products can have up to 6 percent. Yet, for the serious beer drinker that isn’t enough booze content to get excited about.

However, after a little research and about a half dozen hangovers, I emerge from the testing trenches with 10 solid beers recommendations to get you started on your Indiana summer.

Chances are you are not going to find many of these beers in your local supermarket. I suggest paying a visit to the Winetree, or Varsity Liquors here in Evansville. They have most of these brews in stock and will order them for you if they don't.

Caution: These beers are not for the weak. Each bottle comes packed with extremely potent hangover juice. Consider yourself warned!

1. Dogfish Head World Wide Stout – ABV 18%

2. The Bruery Black Tuesday – ABV 19.5%

3. Midnight Sun Berserker – ABV 12.7%

4. Avery Margarete – ABV 15.43%

5. Weyerbacher Thirteen – ABV 13.6%

6. Kuhnhenn America Imperial Stout – ABV 13.5%

7. Goose Island Bourbon Country Stout – 14.5%

8. Shmaltz Jewbelation Fifteen – ABV – 15%

9. Bell’s Batch 9000 – ABV 12.5%

10. Three Floyds Dark Lord – 15%