Kat Mykals missed ANOTHER episode of America's Got Talent last night!  Lucky for her, I have compiled the five best quotes from the show's clear star, Howard Stern!

There was a socially awkward escape artist who had a very daring and elaborate escape worked out.  He looked to be very young, despite claiming to be in his mid-20s.  He walked out in a straight-jacket:

“When did you get out of the mental institution?"

"How old are you, 12?"

And when he was discussing the potential of future shows with the escape artists, despite sending him to Vegas, Howard told him:

"I won't be satisfied 'til you kill yourself...  You know that, right?"

In the back, Howard was talking with Sharon and Howie about how he didn't expect much out of St. Louis, but they were delivering the goods all night long:

“We stripped ALL of the talent out of St. Louis!"

And finally, one last thing deserves mentioning.  While not necessarily a quote, after watching an especially untalented act, Howie and Sharon hit their "X."  Howard stands up, and looks at the audience, who aren't exactly sure what he's up to.  He then planted his butt firmly on his "X," letting the act on stage know EXACTLY what he thought of the act!


Thanks for reading, and I'll have 5 more Howard Stern quotes for you on Tuesday!