And it's really, really, really bad.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

The 21-year-old Teen Mom star just finished recording her debut album, and she was so kind that she decided to allow us to hear her first single from the album "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom"  Oh Farrah, you shouldn't have!  She released the song just weeks before the release of her new memoir 'My Teenage Dream Ended' (pictured above) I'm assuming it has something to do with reality smacking her upside the head when she got pregnant at the tender age of 16.  She opened up to inTouch about her new album, and you can read that here!

All I'm saying is just because you are on TV does NOT mean that you have to try your hand at a singing career.  But one thing I can say, this new single is pretty awful.  Good luck understanding two words in it, and can you say "autotune"?!