For those of you that love streaming movies on Netflix, watching TV on Hulu, or watching videos on YouTube, but hate have to squint to watch it on your phone screen, Google Chromecast might just be the answer you were searching for.

Chromecast allow you to watch all you're favorite shows and eliminates the need for a PC or gaming console (i.e. Playstation, Xbox, etc.). The small, light-weight receiver plugs into the HDMI input on you TV, and with a couple of button pushes and a couple of minutes of setup, you'll be streaming you're favorite web videos, movies, and more on your Big Screen.

There are a few different brands of receivers out there like Roku that come with their own DVD-player-style remotes, and some come with there own speaker, but they are a lot more expensive.

So if you like streaming but aren't that tech-savvy, try the Chromecast for around $40 and let give your kids back their consoles!