I always thought the original Men in Black was one of the more entertaining and unique movies to be released. I wouldn't say it's an all-time favorite, but the idea that there's a secret government agency dedicated to policing the universe and ensuring that any aliens living secretly among us (including apparently some big name Hollywood stars) abide by our laws always intrigued me because, let's be honest, would you be at all suprised if you found out that such an agency existed?

Based on what you'll see in the trailer, the 3rd installment of the franchise finds Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) picking up right where they left off, crackin'-wise and making sure the aforementioned E.T.'s stay in line. But apparently K has been keeping some big secrets from J. Secrets big enough that could have dire consequences the require J to travel back in time to find the answers (cue dramatic music). See for yourself:

The movie is scheduled for a May 25th, 2012 release and let's hope the newest chapter in the Men in Black series also spawns another, good ol' fashioned Will Smith jam.