There are millions upon millions of cool "things" in the world, but this, this right here might be the coolest of them all.

Much like every other little boy, I had a whole box of Hot Wheels cars growing up along with tracks that featured death-defying loops and ramps that sent cars flying across gaps that make even the most iron-willed human sob like a baby.

That of course was the whole point of having  Hot Wheels; to set up ridiculous scenarios that were impossible for a full size car to pull off. Apparently, those scenarios aren't as impossible to pull off as we thought.

During last weekends X Games: Los Angeles, stunt drivers Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust set a Guinness World Record by successfully completing the "Double Dare Loop". A life-sized Hot Wheels track modeled after the Double Dare Snare track set that stood six stories high.

In order to keep the cars from losing the fight with gravity half-way through the loop, Tracy told ABC News he and Foust had to hit the loops at "at 52 miles an hour or so" and the initial incline felt like "like driving into a brick wall."

I have not doubt that's true, but it was the coolest brick wall ever. Check this craziness out.