I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we love to cook at our house when time allows, and we're always looking for new things to try. So when the video for "Pizza Bombs" showed up in my News Feed on Facebook recently, I knew it was something the whole family would eat, and more importantly, appeared to be a recipe that wouldn't take a ton of time to put together. But, as they say, looks can be deceiving.

On the surface, the concept seems simple enough. Take a can of refrigerated biscuit dough, cut them in half, and form them into tiny pizzas. Add the ingredients, fold them shut, bake, and enjoy, just like the video shows.

Easy, right? Well, let's see, shall we?

Step 1: Roll the Dough and Add Ingredients

(Tasty via Facebook / Ryan O'Bryan)

It appears they cut off chunks of string cheese, where I opted to go with a ball of mozzarella, but so far, it appears I'm off to a good start.

Step 2: Fold the Biscuits Into Bombs

(Tasty via Facebook / Ryan O'Bryan)

Hmmm. It seems I may have been a tad overzealous in either the amount of ingredients I tried to cram in there, or making sure the seams on the bottoms stayed closed. Or both. Either way, no one will mistake mine for the professional version. Plus, it's pretty obvious the one in the lower right corner is going to be a disaster when comes out of the oven.

Step 3: Apply Garlic and Herb Butter Spread

(Tasty via Facebook / Ryan O'Bryan)

Can I blame the lighting in my kitchen on this? I'm going to blame the lighting in my kitchen. Off to the oven they go. Is there a Patron Saint of Cooking I can pray to?

Step 4: The Moment of Truth

(Tasty via Facebook / Ryan O'Bryan)

Alright, not a total train wreck. Even the one in the lower right I was concerned about turned out OK. Ironically, the two rows on the left have an extra ingredient of crumbled Italian Sausage in them and they some how turned out better looking than those on the right that actually followed the recipe word for word.


At the end of the day, it took me about 45 minutes to an hour to prepare and cook these. They tasted really good, and everyone ate them just fine despite the fact the right side look like a failed experiment from The Island of Dr. Moreau

If I were to put these on some sort of "Nailed It or Failed It" scale, I would say they fall somewhere in the middle. I didn't exactly "Nail It" on appearance, but I didn't completely "Fail It" by burning them to a crisp, or having a big pool of oozing toppings all over the baking sheet either.

We'll definitely try these again in the future. My wife even had a really good idea of doing a breakfast version with scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon or sausage.

Get the recipe and try them for yourself.

[Source: Tasty via Facebook]