Playtime is rarely simple when it comes to my son. Take for example the other night when he asked me to bounce on the trampoline with him. We couldn't just jump up and down, that wasn't exciting enough. No, we needed  props.

One of his favorite things to do on the trampoline is to lay in the center while I jump around trying to see how high we can spring him up in the air. The props were intended to add touch more pizzaz to what I guess had become a boring routine. After "pausing the game" and running into the house, he returned a minute or two later with a pillow, two blankets off his bed, and an empty laundry basket. He also grabbed the sandbox lid just before climbing back onto the trampoline.

The premise was the same as before with the exception being he sits in the laundry basket or sandbox lid using the pillows and blankets to cushion the impact as gravity resumed control. It seems he got both my wife's daredevilness (she's been skydiving) and my safety-first-let's-think-out-all-the-possible-ways-this-can-go-badly-and-prepare-accordingly mentality.

As you'll see in the videos below, he had a good time and the only pain was in my thighs and knees the following day.