zombie walk

Evansville’s First Zombie Walk a Scary Good Time
If you drove through the streets of Downtown Evansville anytime after 5pm Sunday evening, you may have thought the profecy of a zombie apocolypse had come true. Obviously that wasn't the case, but what was happening was Evansville's first ever zombie walk...
The Making of a Zombie [VIDEO]
Ok, this is round 3 of my Zombie DIY Tutorials. Really hope to see everyone out at our first ever Zombie Walk, taking place in Downtown Evansville October 30th.
This video is pretty quick and painless. I think the guy did a good job with his explanations, and demonstrations...
Zombie Exposed Brains DIY [VIDEO]
In honor of our first ever Zombie Walk through Downtown Evansville on October 30th, I bring to you how to create an exposed brain and a dangling eye... Mmmm... Nom nom nom... BRAINS!

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